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We strive to create premium and comfortable apparel for all dogs. We prioritize dogs' health, while also maintaining a fashionable touch through all of our products. However, we believe a cute outfit shouldn't restrict your pup from exploring and embracing the outdoors that is why our designs are made to ensure optimal movement and comfort. We’re empathy-driven and strive to satisfy our customers with only excellent quality goods. Join us to snuggle your pup in style!

  • Vivian Kowalczyk (CEO & CFO)

  • Maria Hristeva (CMO & CHRO)

  • Mona Ayrempour (COO)

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We were founded in 2023 by Vivian Kowalczyk, Maria Hristeva, and Mona Ayrempour. Kowalczyk was first confronted by the issues with dog snowsuits on the market. During the winter, she often found herself spending more time dressing her dog instead of walking her. She also took note of the extreme discomfort her dog would face while trying to move in the suit. From there, she grew inspired to design a solution to her problem with the help of her two friends, Hristeva and Ayrempour, whom she met through her high school entrepreneurship class. This led to the release of Pawtique's first product, the SnowPup Dog Suit. Since then, the three girls have been working together to expand their business and bring happiness to pups and dog owners around the world. 

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